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The Burlington Academy of Learning’s Toddler Program is designed to provide the very best opportunities, stimulation, care, love, and nurturing for your child in a comfortable environment which fosters security.   Children in these programs range in age from 18 months 30 months.  We feel privileged to partner with you to provide the best experience for you and your child, providing consistency with your nurturing and parenting goals for your child.


The Academy follows the Connecticut’s Early Learning and Development Standards (CTELDS).


Although parents pass on a variety of characteristics to their children through their genes, the environment plays a major role in developing a child’s personality.  External influences, from conception onward, provide the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical experiences that enhance memory and promote life-long learning capabilities.


Toddlers (18 - 30 months) thrive on the warmth and caring of a close relationship with their caregivers.  This security prompts young infants to explore and begin to shape their identity.  

The Academy’s Toddler Programs:

  • Ÿ  Provide a nurturing, warm, and loving setting for your child while away from home.  We have one room for infants, a second for mobile toddlers who are beginning to cruise and walk and a third for those children who are developmentally ready to move on.
  • Ÿ  Allow young children’s intense curiosity to lead them in making discoveries about their world and learning through play and hands-on involvement.
  • Ÿ  Offer bathrooms with private small toilets for those children who become curious about, and are ready to attempt some toileting exposure and training. 
  • Ÿ  Offer a wide variety of stimulating materials, activities and planned experiences which aid our children in learning fundamental concepts, following direction, developing motor and language skills, enhancing imagination and creativity, developing social skills, developing self-help skills, and, most importantly, gaining self-confidence and building self-esteem while feeling especially supported and loved.
  • Ÿ  Include outside playtime and fresh air year-round, to allow our children to release energy and explore their beautiful outdoor environment. Children enjoy riding in a stroller and also playing in the play yard.  Outside playtimes allow our children to develop large motor coordination in an age appropriate outdoor environment.


Our children spend their awake time enjoying books, puzzles, puppets, play mats, music, dramatic play, sensory play, art creations, and a lot of varied gross motor play.  During this time, our children develop their creativity, socialization skills and bond with their caregivers and teachers. At this very early age of around a year old, children are taught responsibility through completing and cleaning up after an activity has been completed.

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