(1st – 6th Graders) 

Our Homework Club offers a trained and professional teacher working with 1st – 6th graders on an individual and small group basis.  Our goal is to reinforce the skills the children are learning at school and use positive reinforcement to make learning fun.  Teachers chart incentives and give prizes to reward children for their hard work. We have an exciting atmosphere with a variety of activities to promote a lifelong love of learning.


Our Homework Club teacher tracks children’s homework assignments, tests and projects to insure they stay on task.  For those younger children, we offer assistance in Math, such as working on their facts, reading and grammar skills, as well as giving tutoring assistance in any subject areas according to your individual child’s needs.  Your partnering is vital and we welcome your input, as well as letting us know your concerns for your child.  There is no one who knows your child better than you.  We feel this is a team effort and if you have any questions or comments, we look forward to hearing from you.  Completing homework during Homework Club is voluntary, but we would encourage you and your children to take advantage of this enrichment of your child’s education.  It is also especially helpful for working parents who would like to have homework commitments completed early so they can enjoy a more relaxed evening with family.


For our After School Program and Homework Club, we are open until 6:30pm. These programs are available for children in 3 Year Old Nursery School through 6th grade. Although The Academy school day ends at 3:15pm or 3:30pm (depending on the program), children of parents electing this option may stay at school up until 6:30pm.  Region #10 students may ride the school bus to The Academy from Burlington and Harwinton Elementary and Middle Schools.


Depending on weather, children may be on a playground or inside. Parents may look for the flag which indicates the program for their child to determine where they are when picking up. Your child will have their backpack and all belongings with them.


If a child enrolled in one of our day programs is attending our After School Program, they will be escorted to the After School program by his/her classroom teacher or another staff member who will sign them in on the After School Program Attendance Sheet.  If a child is taking a bus from one of the public schools, one of our staff members will meet the bus, walk the children to their group, and sign them in on the Homework Club Attendance Sheet.  All children must formally say “good-bye” to the After School Teacher and parents must sign their child out on the attendance sheet.


Day students in Nursery School, PreKindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Kindergarten Enrichment are welcome to join our After School Program, even on a day they don't normally attend The Academy. Siblings are also welcome, even if they do not normally attend the After School Program. 



If you would like to call ahead, we would be happy to prompt your child(ren) to prepare for going home so they are ready when you arrive!   We realize you may be tired at the end of your day and would like to expedite getting home.  The teachers can assist and encourage your child(ren) to pack their belongings and get coats on, etc., so pick up is easier. This also gives your child a heads up so they may wind down from the activity they are involved in and also can do their share to clean up. You can simply walk in to sign them out.


For parents picking up children who need to change clothing for an activity such as dance, karate, soccer, etc… simply call ahead and we’ll prompt your child to change to be ready!


For parents with an infant or toddler in the car, we are happy to have your child meet you at your car so you do not need to come inside, and may leave your infant or toddler in the car. If you are calling ahead for us to have your child come out to meet you, please park in one of the parking spaces right in front, one being the handicap space. One of the teachers will assist with your child coming out to you at your car. We ask you get them into the car, so the teacher can promptly get back inside.


We love to see parents at pick up time in our After School Program, so please feel free to come in and see all the fun activities your children are doing!  However, for the times you need to be on your way more quickly, we hope this service will help.  We hope the convenience of this program is useful to you and we look forward to having your child(ren) with us in the After School and Homework Club Program!

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