Hello Tarynn & BAL Team,

I wanted to reach out to thank everyone at BAL for all that they do! I appreciate you all so much and am so happy that Walker is a part of your school family. 

I also wanted to point out how much I appreciate Alissa. She is incredibly caring, devoted, and always so, so kind. I am beyond happy to have her back in Walker’s classroom. I can absolutely tell how much she loves what she does (and she’s VERY good at it!). 

Please let her know that we love her! 

Thank you! 
Justine ~2024

Dear Jodi & Analía,
We couldn't be more pleased with BAL!
In the care of her teachers, our child feels valued and well cared for. She really likes going to school, which can often be tricky for toddlers. One of the most impressive aspects of BAL is all the learning that takes place beyond academics. Social skills, life skills, kindness, and manners are just a few things our toddler has exhibited. Pre-nursery school routines are taught along with fine/ gross motor skills. A weekly curriculum is accessible for reinforcement at home, which is greatly appreciated. Part of the program is to have annual assessments.
As for BAL staff members, our child has had some of the warmest caretakers, and she obviously loves them. They seem to really "get" and understand our child.
Finally, I'd like to note that whenever we've had a concern or questions, one of the administrators has reached out almost immediately. Our little girl is in wonderful and competent care at BAL.
Lori Chadwick- 2023
Dear Jodi & Analía,
We started our son at Burlington Academy earlier this year.  Being a new environment to him, we knew there would be an adjustment period.  I can’t thank Ms. Delbone enough for making his adjustment to school as comfortable as possible for not only him but our family, as well.  We received regular updates on how he was doing during the day, and we began to see our shy three-year-old come out of his shell!  Burlington Academy has helped his social development tremendously, and we love picking him up each day to hear about all of the exciting things he’s learned.  We are very fortunate to have found a school environment that goes above and beyond for their students and parents.
We really do appreciate all you do!
Thank you,
Allie Hoadley- 2023
Dear Jodi & Analía,
Our daughter moved daycares in June and had a hard time transitioning to the new toddler room. The teachers at BAL have been extremely kind and patient with our daughter. We appreciate the detailed messages and open communication regarding her transition. The facilities are always clean, and we love the photos and videos sent via the app! We look forward to seeing our daughter grow at BAL!"
The Woo Family- 2023

Dear BAL AdministrationTeam,

      We just wanted to take the time to express how thankful our family is to have found you all! It has been a year now since enrolling our two youngest into the Junior Academy and PKA and we couldn’t be happier. So happy and pleased with the care that we even chose to enroll our oldest into the summer Adventure Camp! (He is loving it by the way, there is not a day that we’ve gone home from pickup and he’s not given one of the teachers a hug and thanked them for the day they had together!) Although we live in Thomaston, we would gladly make this drive to give our children the best education opportunity, it is not just a childcare institution, it is a community learning environment where everyone feels like family. It puts our minds at ease knowing that when we leave our children for the day we are leaving them in not just competent but caring and loving hands. Miss Delbone in particular has such a way with children, that they absolutely adore her and even at the age of three and four you can see how much they admire and respect her. When at home, Killy, will frequently quote her, refer to something she has taught him or teach us something he has learned. (We actually love all of the teachers, BUT, we know it would take a whole book to talk about all of the wonderful things each person has done for us!) We couldn’t ask for a better school for our children. 


          The Robbins Family- 2023

Jodi & Analía,

I cannot speak highly enough about the incredible daycare toddler program provided by the Burlington Academy of Learning. The warm and welcoming environment instantly made my toddler feel right at home. The caring and highly skilled staff members go above and beyond to ensure every child receives the utmost attention and love. It was clear to see that they genuinely adore what they do, and their dedication shines through in every aspect of the program. My toddler was encouraged to explore, learn, and play in a safe and stimulating setting that nurtured their curiosity and creativity. From arts and crafts to age-appropriate educational activities, my child's days were filled with joy, laughter, and meaningful growth.

One of the aspects that impressed me the most was the open communication between the staff and parents. The school team kept me regularly updated about my child's progress, daily activities, and even shared adorable photos of the little adventures they had throughout the day. This level of transparency reassured me that my child was in excellent hands. I recommend BAL to any parent searching for a nurturing, loving, and enriching daycare experience for their little ones.

Viran and Shivani- 2023

Jodi & Analía,

I couldn’t be happier with the Burlington Academy of Learning! I started my daughter in the Infants Program, and they were so helpful in making both her and I comfortable since it was a big step from maternity leave. She’s now in the 2 Year Preschool and has loved every classroom in between. Everyone on the staff is wonderful and truly cares about your child. They are patient, kind, and have a wonderful age-appropriate curriculum. I would highly recommend BAL to families. They provide your child a trustworthy, safe, and loving place.


Shawn & Margaret Dye- 2023

"Jodi & Analía, my son has been in Burlington Academy for 9 months now and we could not be happier with the choice we made. We were very hesitant to send our son anywhere, but from the time we took a tour of the facility, to the first day of drop off, to now we knew this was the best fit for our family. The teachers treat the children like their own, the administration is great and very responsive, the facilities are clean and very inviting. Covid has brought a lot of change and unknowns for all of us, Burlington Academy has done an amazing  job at navigating through this time with open communication and has left us at ease knowing they are doing the best for our children. We will even be sending our newest addition to our family there without hesitation. We could not be happier and are very thankful for all the staff. "


Marci C. - 2021

"Jodi & Analía, we decided to send our son to Burlington Academy of Learning because of other testimonials we heard from friends and family in the area, and we are so glad we did!!  I cannot say enough good things about this school, the teachers, the staff and the way they have handled COVID.  Since September, we have seen such a growth in our 3 year old!  As a nurse and paramedic/firefighter, we struggled with the decision to send him to school during COVID times, but the precautions they have taken and the clear success they have had with their actions, have made us so comfortable!  He absolutely loves to go to school every day, and tells us how much he loves his teacher and his friends after every pickup.  The app the school uses to post updates and pictures is our favorite part, we love to see what he’s up to during the day! It makes my husband and I so happy to see him so happy and thriving every day at this school and we cannot wait to send him to bilingual class next year with Señora!  Kim, Jodi and the teachers are quickly responsive to any questions we have.  We highly recommend this school for your child! Thank you for making us as parents comfortable, and for providing a wonderful learning and playful environment for our son."


Nicole & Adam - 2021

" Jodi & Analía, it was a pleasure to write this testimonial! We have been sending our son to the Burlington Academy of Learning since he was two.  When we were looking for a new daycare to send him to, we were very impressed by BAL.  From the philosophy of the school to the teachers and classroom, it was exactly what we were looking for our son.  We have been the most impressed with the teachers at the school. They truly care about the well-being and education of the kids. They take a personal interest in each and every child and keep them challenged and stimulated. It is always hard when they move to the next class as you think they will never find a better teacher.  But all the teachers have been AMAZING. Our son has also been part of the Bilingual Pre-K and now Bilingual Kindergarten and I cannot say enough about Senora Analia or the curriculum. Our son has excelled and I owe it all to the inspiration of the teachers at the school. The school has also done an exemplary job during COVID.  They have strict protocols which they follow and we feel very comfortable sending our son there.  His class has been in person since the start of the school year which is absolutely amazing during this time. We do not hesitate telling other parents about BAL and will truly miss them when our son moves on to the public schools. "


Jenny & Mike - 2021

"Kim and Jodi - We moved to Burlington from Washington DC last August, with a then-7month old in the midst of a global pandemic. We were hesitant about sending our daughter to daycare because of potential exposure, let alone the fact she had been in our care every minute of her life up until that point. But we also knew it would be best for all of us as we both work full-time. We met with Jodi, who patiently answered all of our questions and outlined all of the protocols the Academy has taken to keep all the classrooms clean and safe. Almost immediately, we had no regrets sending our daughter to daycare because she seemed so happy every day being able to interact with other kids. The teachers in the infant room - Miss Carly and Miss Leah - are fantastic and care for these kids as if they're their own. It is easy to communicate with staff, either via email or through the app used to track daily activity and share photos. I have met a couple of the other teachers in the older rooms and I am so excited for our daughter to continue learning and exploring with the Burlington Academy family. "


Shubha - 2021

"Kim and Jodi - Being relatively new to the area, my husband and I researched many local preschool programs before choosing The Burlington Academy of Learning. We are so happy we did! They provide a wonderful learning environment for our child to learn, grow, play and thrive. The teachers have been fabulous, and keep in touch with us throughout the day. In addition, the school administrators have been responsive to questions in an extremely timely manner. We love the campus for it's location and safety measures, as well as for their outdoor activities catering to all different ages. If you're looking for an amazing program for your child, this is it. "


Brianna & Carmelo - 2021


"Working for The Burlington Academy Of Learning for the past few months has changed my life in the best ways possible. I am so beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of such an incredible, driven & supportive team. With Covid-19 creating many challenges for us all, this school has made me and my family feel nothing but protected & safe. My co-workers are the true inspiration for everything I do and accomplish. These girls are more than just teachers and they are more then just my co-workers. They are people I look up to and trust, they are people who always put the children and families first, they are listening ears when times may get rough outside of school. They are now my family."


Taylor W. - 2021

"Kim and Jodi, my son has been attending BAL for the past three years. He has had a wonderful experience each year. He has been in Señora Analia’s Bilingual Academy for the past two years. I would highly recommend her program. He loves going to school every day and is always excited to share what he has learned in class. Señora is an extraordinary teacher. She does a wonderful job engaging students and teaches with her whole heart. I am so grateful a friend recommended BAL when I was looking for pre-school program and my son had the opportunity to have Señora for not only one but two years during his early education. "


Kelly D. - 2021

"Kim and Jodi, It’s amazing how excited our daughter is to wake up and go to school every day at The Burlington Academy of Learning. I certainly don’t remember ever being that excited about going to school when I was her age. Perhaps what is most impressive about BAL is that our daughter is on schedule to start kindergarten in the fall yet it feels as though 1st or 2nd grade would be more appropriate given how much she’s learned. We are very pleased with the bi-lingual class where her teacher is most beloved by all the kids and where my barely-5 year is learning so well that she actually sings in Spanish at home. We highly recommend BAL for best-in-class to those new to Burlington."


The Riccio Family - 2020



"Hi Kim! I love the big improvements this year in the school! The atmosphere is so nice, all the activities that you all do for the kids is so wonderful and of course the staff is great! All the teachers are so wonderful! Senora Analia is the very best teacher!!! I can’t say enough good things about her and how she is running the class. She is absolutely amazing I want to keep her until my boys graduate high school!!! Thank you all for being so great to my boys and all the children! "


Heather - 2020

" We recently started our 2 kids at Burlington Academy and we love it. The kids are very happy and feel very safe there. 

Joel - 2020

"We have been a part of the BAL family for over 4 years now and we couldn’t be more happy with the care of our children. My daughter started in the toddler program and my son in pre k. Both kids are very different with diverse needs  and the BAL staff did a wonderful job adopting and making sure that the transition from their old daycare went smoothly and all of their needs were met. Through the years, the staff at BAL on numerous occasions have supported my family through many challenging situations from helping to overcome separation anxiety that my daughter went through every morning at drop-off  to promoting healthy character development for my son. Furthermore, from an academic point, thanks to BAL both of my kids were very much ready for kindergarten  and I absolutely loved that they were introduced to Spanish, classical music and art at such an early age which is part of BAL curriculum. My family feels very much supported and a part of the BAL family. Now, that my children are in school fulltime we still utilize the before and after school program at BAL and if you were to ask them what is their favorite part(s) of BAL they will tell you it’s the “cooking class with Auntie M”,  summer camp and family picnics. The activities are endless!"


Anna B. - 2019


" Our two boys have been attending the Burlington Academy since they were 1 and 2 years old, our oldest is now 5 entering kindergarten in the fall and our youngest is 4 entering the Pre K class. Since the first day we came to BAL we knew this was a wonderful school. Our boys love going to school everyday and the teachers and administrative staff are fantastic. Throughout the day they are learning valuable lessons and skills to prepare them for the public school system. There is no better feeling knowing that when we drop our children off in the morning they are loved and cared for. Thank you BAL!!! "


Mike and Heather - 2019


"Dear Kim, Burlington Academy of Learning has far exceeded our expectations for our daughters PreK education! I am an anxious mama by nature, and I had so many unfounded fears about sending my little girl off on her first school experience, but from our very first tour of BAL with Kim, Señora Analia and Mrs. Monckton, I felt instantly at ease and we knew it was the perfect fit for us. They were warm and inviting from the start, and there was an immediate sense of community that is so, so important, but so rare. I cannot say enough about how much we adore Señora Analia. She is incredible. Her dedication to her students is evident in the level of knowledge and self-confidence our daughter has acquired in just three short months. The bilingual classroom has really helped our daughter to grow in more ways than I could have imagined, and we are so thankful for Señora! I also very much appreciate the level of safety and security at Burlington Academy of Learning. The doors are always locked, the children are always individually accounted for by location, and we receive updates and photos throughout the day on a password protected website. My daughter is completely safe there, she feels safe, but yet she is not acutely aware of the potential big dangers that she is still too small to understand, and that is so valuable to us. The staff and educators at Burlington Academy of Learning are top tier and it shows!"


Laura S. - 2019

" My daughter started out coming to Burlington Academy when she was 4 months old. Leaving her with someone other than family was very difficult for me especially being a first time mom. The teachers were very understanding and sent me regular pictures and updates, which helped keep my mind at ease while getting back into the swing of things at work. My daughter is now in the two year old classroom and loves her teacher Ms. Delbone. The classroom structure is great with fun activities. My husband and I have really seen our daughter grow since the beginning of the year. I also love that the children get to play outside throughout the year and my daughter loves it too. "



Chelsea P. - 2019


" Dear Kim, We have been part of the BAL family for almost 2 years now. We started with my oldest daughter Hailey just before she turned 2. She was having some speech delay and it was recommended that placing her in a group of other children would help her speech. Within just a few weeks of starting we saw huge improvements with her speech and within 6 months she had caught right up to her peers! Her teachers and the school administrators were so tuned in and made sure Hailey was making the strides she needed to. We started our youngest daughter Bella at BAL at 11 months old as we were so happy with the care and education Hailey had been getting. We have loved all the girls, teachers and classroom staff. Hailey now asks to stay at school "all day"! In additional BAL has been a wonderful place for parents that have difficult schedules. We are a household where both parents work full-time, and I work shift work making our schedule every month very different. BAL is great about allowing us to extend the girls day or add extra days when we need the care coverage. BAL is only of the only places I've heard of where this has been allowed and so easily done and has made a huge difference for our family and our girls. We would recommend BAL to anyone! "


Emily M. - 2019

" We are so glad to have this opportunity to let you know how Rebecca and I feel about Burlington Academy of Learning. There are so many positives.  The one that jumps out to us the most is how well the staff knows our 2 year old daughter.  She talks about the current staff by name very readily, loves visiting her previous teachers, and it is clear through our daily conversations at drop off and pick up that everyone is being very attentive to her, and that they know her very well.  From developmental/learning point-of-view, we couldn't be more pleased.  The regular communications about the upcoming units related to life skills is wonderful, and helps us reinforce what our little girl is learning.  The lessons, communication, and Mrs. Delbone's attention to detail is a testament to her professionalism.  Additionally, as we both work, with some travel, it has been such a big help to be able to have the flexibility of "before-care" for our third grade son; where we can drop him off early, knowing he will get a good breakfast and that he can take the bus from BAL.  He really loves the food!  BAL has been a great help keeping our family running, with no worries, great care, communication, and providing a happy, safe, and enriching environment for our children.


Stephen & Rebecca - 2019


" Our child Joshua has been attending Burlington Academy's programs since he was 5 years old, he is now 10. When we were searching for child care for him we attended an open house that was hosted by Kim Hope, Head of School.  She made us feel so welcomed and put us at ease. Josh is happy to spend time there and has made friends over the years."


Lisa B. - 2019

" Dear Kim, all three of my children have loved going to BAL. Their curriculum is full of exciting, energizing, and fun activities while preparing them for school. They loved all the outdoor time and formed great friendships with their classmates. The teachers have all been wonderful with my children and we love that BAL offers Spanish classes to all ages, Senora is a true asset! We really like how BAL provides an online tool to follow along with the kids daily activities, and also puts rigor around academic standards by conducting parent teacher meetings throughout the year to go over their progress. BAL has provided a warm, loving, safe, and fun environment for my children for over 4 years and I feel lucky to have found such a wonderful place for my children to learn and grow. "


The Roberts Family - 2019


" Our son has been attending Burlington Academy since he was 5 months old. He is now 5 and entering Kindergarten this fall! In those five years, we have been consistently impressed by the overall level of supervision and care he receives, as well as the many caregivers and teachers he has worked with. We also appreciate the consistency in staffing, which is challenging in a daycare/preschool setting. Being educators ourselves, we understand how challenging it can be to get to know the needs of the students and families we work with, and the staff at BAL has consistently emphasized the relationship between home and school. We are now preparing to send our infant daughter to BAL, and trust that they will give her the same level of love and care that they have given to our son over the years. "


Dave & Kelle  - 2019


"Dear Kim, moving for any child, and parent, can be a very overwhelming experience, especially when moving across country.  When our family moved from IL, our son went from having a spot in the pre-school at our local school district, to no longer having one in CT. We as parents wanted to ensure that he maintained the same level of education at the private level, as was provided at the public level for him the year prior.   What we found instead, no other school could offer.  The Burlington Academy exceeding our expectations in every way.  They are exceeding it in education, far above and beyond not just his public school in IL, but also any other school option he had in CT.  They are exceeding our expectations in flexibility, offering a daily schedule with flexible pick up and drop off times that has been tremendously helpful to us as small business owners.  Most importantly, however, they are exceeding our expectations with their genuinely loving nature.  Everyone’s kindness, support, and generosity has been short of nothing but incredible.  It took all the fear and uncertainty, not only away from us as parents, but away from our 4 year old son.  Since the first day he has been welcomed with open arms and a level of love that made has made him feel safe and happy; and that in itself can never be repaid nor forgotten. So thank you, Burlington Academy!  For not only allowing us to be in your school but allowing us to feel like family!"


Jane A. - 2019

" Graduation was wonderful and I have got to tell you, I cannot say enough positive things about Señora.  My kids adore her and every time I’ve seen her, she has been so positive with the students with fantastic classroom management. She’s an absolute gem! "
Enjoy the weekend, 


Kim L. - 2019


My son Alexander Poplawski is enrolled in the Preschool Program at The Burlington Academy of Learning.
We are not new to the school as my older son Sebastian also attended the school 4 years ago. We came back to Burlington Academy with our younger son, even though we live in Bristol which is a bit of a drive for us, because we had such a great experience the first time. From the office staff to teachers the atmosphere is amazing.  Everyone is always helpful, nice, and so happy. As soon as you walk in you can feel a family atmosphere.  I knew from the very first moment that my kids will love it here – and they did. 

  Alex is learning new things such as letter, numbers, shapes. However, what’s most important for me, he’s learning how to be independent and how to socialize with other kids and adults. His teachers are absolutely amazing!!!! They are both so warm to children that you know your child will be taken care of and gets a hug when they need one.
  I truly believe that if kids get a positive head start in their early childhood education it sets them on a positive path in the future years in school.  It definitely was true with Sebastian.  He began loving school at Burlington Academy and he still loves school.
  I would recommend Burlington Academy to anyone who is looking for a great family-like place for their kids to learn and play. "
Marta P. - 2019


" Hi Kim, We've sent both our children to Burlington Academy of Learning for preschool, our oldest was more than prepared for Kindergarten and the other, currently attending has a fantastic seasoned teacher. The Academy has always been flexible with our needs whenever we need care, making our lives truly easier, we feel like our kids are well cared for when they are there and more than that we always feel like family when walking in the door! "


The Bair Family - 2019

" The Burlington Academy of Learning is a wonderful and safe place for children of all ages. My son currently attends and loves all of his teachers as well as other staff members. From my experience, Ms. Carbone and Señora are amazing. They have helped my son learn and grow so much over the past two years. The entire school is like a little family. I’m so glad a friend of mine told me about this it. I recommend it without hesitation."

Kelly D. - 2019

" Words cannot express the thanks that my family has for each and every Burlington Academy of Learning teacher and staff that have been a part of our family for the past 3 years. Everyone there is warm and caring and plays an important and positive role in the lives of our children. It is reassuring to leave our children in their hands knowing they are well cared for in every way. There is lots of learning, plenty of playtime, creative projects, encouragement and understanding. Both of our children have learned and grown so much in these past few year and truly love going to school each day.

Hope you and your family have a happy holiday "


Chris and Kristen - 2018

"As working parents, we are challenged with the task of finding dependable, flexible and genuine care for our kids when we can't be there.  Burlington Academy has been that for us hands down.  The staff genuinely cares about our children and the flexibility they offer with "as needed" care fits in perfectly with our ever-changing schedules.  Our kids are excited to go and actually choose to go there out of many other options for Summer Camp.  That in itself speaks for itself. "



Mayla - 2017

" Paul and I wanted to thank you again for EVERYTHING.  We can't say enough about you, your family, and the staff at BAL.  You don't know how comforting it is to know that our kids are safe at school and the staff is so caring, loving, and patient.  There is absolutely no other school that we would trust with our children.  We are forever grateful. "



" Hi Jodi!  I hope this note finds you well.  I wanted to share some good news regarding Dominic.  He was selected as Student of the Month @ St. Joseph's School!  The Principle selected him based on his polite manners and good behavior as well as his friendliness and diligence in his work!  He is so proud and happy.   And I have to tell you the first thing I told them was that he had gotten such a wonderful start at Burlington Academy...it all started there!   Remember when he first started he really didn't know much about sharing and caring for his little friends!  Now...it's amazing he really is a polite and friendly little guy!!!!  So once again, thank you for the great foundation you provided to Dominic!!!! "


Best Regards,

" Dear Parents, The staff at Burlington Academy has helped to shape our daughter Nicole who is entering Kindergarten this year and our past experiences with the Academy have been wonderful. In addition, they are a Peanut Free pre-school which has allowed us to send Alex for the same rewarding experiences. The Academy is aware of Alex's allergies and is very supportive in keeping our son safe. "

- Janice and Sean

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