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Our teachers at The Burlington Academy of Learning are exceptional! They are carefully chosen for their abilities, enthusiasm and diverse experiences, but most of all…their love for children.  They are experienced, determined, insightful and possess a passion for teaching.  Many teachers hold Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Education and/or related fields, and many are CT State Dept. of Education certified. Head Teachers have received their Head Teacher designation from the State of Connecticut, Department of Education.


All faculty are committed to professional development to stay up-to-date on the most recent developments in the field of Early Childhood Education.   Our talented, creative faculty strongly influences our unique and exciting curriculum.  Their nurturing, supportive manner is key to the formation of our students’ positive self-esteem, a critical component in a child’s overall development.


Our Administrative staff is comprised of intelligent, enthusiastic professionals who are devoted to supporting every aspect of The Academy – from our students and families, to our programs and faculty. They all believe that children and families are the foundation of our society.  


Additionally, all our Infant, Waddler, Toddler Teachers are CPR, First Aid, Medications, and Epi-pen certified. All our 2NS - School Age Head Teachers are CPR, First Aid, Medications, and Epi-pen certified.  In addition to Head Teachers, many additional faculty and staff are CPR and First Aid certified. Every faculty and staff member at The Academy is committed to ensuring every student’s safety and well-being while in our care.  We can administer medications when/if necessary, and have a School Nurse on staff weekly as well. 

Teachers of young children are a special breed and we have a great team at The Academy!!

You'll see and you'll agree! :)



25 Ways You Know You're an Infant/Toddler or Preschool Teacher!


1. You sing the “clean-up song” when cleaning at home. 


2. You recite from Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and Pete the Cat when conversation lags at a dinner party. 


3. You chant "Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" to yourself while walking down the street.


4. You hand the person in front of you at the DMV a tissue when she sneezes.  


5. All the chairs in your house look really big to you. 


6. You use the term "phonemic awareness" in your day-to-day conversations. 


7. You explain to parents in the park how much their kids are learning when they dig in the dirt.


8. You tell a dad in the grocery store, who waits patiently as his son counts all the apples, how he's supporting his son's learning.


9. You are used to the fact that the children think the classroom is where you live.


10. You can find 20 ways to use empty yogurt containers as learning materials.


11. You can count a group of toddlers in 5 seconds.


12. You wash your hands at least 30 times a day


13. You can explain why the boys in your class are allowed to play with the dolls if they choose.


14. You know that a child who drew two random lines has a whole story to tell when you ask, "Tell me about your drawing." And you write it down.


15. You print more pictures of the young children in your class than your own family.


16. You wonder how dinosaurs, crayons, and Legos end up in your laundry every week.


17. You growl (or make a face) when called a babysitter.


18. You’ve actually eaten what you’ve baked as a class, no matter the preparation, ingredients, or outcome.


19.  You know that when children draw, paint, make art - it's about the process and not the product.


20.  You deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for the arguments you’ve mediated and tantrums you’ve redirected. 


21. You can explain the toddler biting stage to the families of the child who bit AND the child who was bitten.


22. You can turn a simple nature walk or trip to the grocery store into an action-packed learning adventure…..and connect it to early learning standards. 


23. You go to bed at 8:30pm even though your 20 years old and it's Friday night.


24. You tell adults you're talking with to "Look me in my eyes". 


25. You know that even though your paycheck does not reflect the work that you do, you go to bed at night knowing that you are shaping the world and wake up every morning with your superhero cape.

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