Creative Arts

*Mama Lisa’s World offers a large collection of children’s songs and nursery rhymes, from around the world. Lyrics are available in English and songs’ original languages, and some songs include MP3s. Search for music by country or continent. Also available in French and Spanish.

The National Art Education Association serves art educators who teach children from prekindergarten through grade 12. Preschool teachers will find lesson plans, a Listserv, and a blog. Also see Artsonia andDigication e-Portfolios—online tools for showcasing and sharing artwork.

The National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature provides art activity ideas related to a selection of illustrated children’s books.

Pandora is an Internet radio and music recommendation service that helps people to discover new music. Teachers will find favorite children’s music artists like Greg and Steve, Raffi, and Hap Palmer, as well as many other types of music suitable for preschoolers, including jazz, folk, and world.

The cluster theme of the July 2004 issue of Young Children is The Creative Arts Curriculum. The Web page includes links to full-length articles, useful charts and checklists, and links to online resources with pertinent information on encouraging young children to express themselves and learn through the creative arts.



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