Our Full Day Infant and/or Toddler Program is offered year-round, Monday through Friday 6:30am – 6:30pm.


Meals: Parents pack meals for their infant or toddler. We provide organic whole milk. Parents write a meal plan for us to follow.   Children learn and practice good manners and appropriate mealtime behaviors at mealtime. Infants are always cuddled, loved and held while being fed.


Naptime: Infants and toddlers bring naptime comforts and crib or cot sheets. These may be left with us and taken home on Fridays for washing. The teachers play soft music, cuddle, and nurture and rub backs as the precious darlings drift off to sleep. As children awake according to their own needs, we greet them and change diapers.

Outside Playtime: We go outside year-round. We need all winter gear as we enjoy outside play all throughout the winter months.



It is the policy of The Burlington Academy of Learning to change a child’s diaper:

  • Any time they have a bowel movement.
  • As often as is needed to keep your infant/toddler clean and fresh always.
  • Minimally every 2 hours.


Please provide us with diapers, wipes and ointment (if ointment desired) to keep at school. Cloth diapers are not permissible per state regulations.

Diapering Policies

It is our policy at The Burlington Academy of Learning that:

-       Caregivers wash hands thoroughly before assisting with diapering or toileting according to proper hand washing procedures posted above the hand washing sink.

-       Caregivers wear latex gloves when assisting a child with diapering or toileting.

-       Caregivers and child wash hands thoroughly after diapering according to proper hand washing procedures posted above the hand washing sink.

-       When diapering, caregivers/teachers use a non-porous diaper changing table installed on the wall of the bathroom located within the classroom. They put down a disposable paper sheet on the surface of changing table. Table is washed and disinfected after each use.

-       Caregivers place the child on the prepared diaper changing table, and secure the child using the safety straps. A child will NEVER be left unattended when on the diaper changing table.

-       Caregivers remove the child’s soiled diaper and wipe child appropriately and place to side out of reach of child (front to back) and use parent supplied diapers and ointments.

-       Gloves, soiled diapers, wipes and changing table sheet will be properly discarded into the covered, washable, lined waste receptacle immediately after use.


If you have any questions or individual requests regarding your child’s diapering, please communicate that to us.



Communication with parents, and the parent-school bond is the key to a successful, meaningful partnership in caring for your child. Upon bringing your child to school, we ask that you share pertinent information regarding your child and his/her time prior to coming to school that day. Teachers like to know information regarding eating, quality of sleep, child’s disposition, health, exciting events, and any special needs or requests you may have for the day. Parents are asked to complete written information about your child’s night and add any specific requests on his/her “All About Me Today” sheet. We write all daily specific information on your child in an ongoing fashion throughout the day, including the number and nature of changes, time and amount of feedings, and the time and length of naps. Although we write all this information for parents to take home, we enjoy hearing your input when you bring your child in the morning, as well as sharing all about their day when you pick up your child. We take photos of your child all day, and also also enjoy sending parents texts, photos and emails during the day as much as is practical.


Teachers also write a weekly summary which is posted on the Home Page on School Speak, our parent communication portal. Along with the weekly summary posted, there are photos and profiles of teachers, a link to their email addresses, calendar, themes, monthly newsletter, School Nurse Newsletter, Head of School’s Newsletter, reminders, school wide notices, upcoming events, photos, access to your child’s most recent evaluation, articles of interest, and much more!


A Parent bulletin board is also located in the infant and toddler rooms, highlighting information such as: a Calendar, Learning Experience Plans, Themes, Monthly Newsletter, School wide Notices, and Photos.



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