Caregivers are always playing with, singing to, reading to and talking with babies and toddlers. Nurturing relationships with caregivers and building trusting bonds is critical.


The Infant and Toddler curriculums emerge spontaneously from the day-to-day interests which are typical to a 1 year olds’ world. The Infant and Toddler classrooms are very hands-on and caregivers choose activities and materials to focus on based on what engages, motivates and interests their individual children, as well as allow many opportunities for fostering language development. Some topics our activities are based on are: feelings, personal needs, getting dressed/clothing, our bodies, food, senses, nature, shapes, letters, weather, seasons and holidays.


We use the sign language program from “Signing Times Academy” with all our infants and toddlers. Learning sign language assists with cognitive, emotional and social development.



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