Social Behavior

  • Accepts responsibility for own behavior
  • Interact comfortably with peers
  • Interacts comfortably with adults
  • Identifies self by first and last name
  • Asks for and accepts help when needed
  • Accepts responsibility for own behavior
  • Exhibits self-control
  • Shows concern for others
  • Uses interpersonal skills of negotiating, sharing, cooperating, and taking turns
  • Be environmentally mindful and respectful of our planet Earth


Classroom Behavior

  • Follows directions
  • Smoothly transitions from one activity to another
  • Attends to tasks within groups
  • Attends to tasks individually
  • Takes appropriate risks
  • Plays cooperatively and shares with peers

Language Arts

  • Asks and answers questions appropriate to the situation
  • Identifies first and last name
  • Writes first name
  • Recognizes and names all letters in their name
  • Tell events in sequence
  • Correctly recites the alphabet
  • Recognize and name all uppercase letters
  • Recognize and name all lowercase letters
  • Communicates sensibly about needs and interests
  • Engages in representational writing that is personally meaningful
  • Understands that information on a variety of subjects can be found in books
  • Understands that the written word is speech/language in print
  • Attends to a story which is read directly or played on a tape recorder
  • Repeats simple songs and/or finger plays from memory
  • Understands one-to-one correspondence


Physical Development

  • Use strength and control to perform simple fine-motor tasks
  • Manipulates scissors, pencils, markers, and puzzle pieces
  • Demonstrates right/left hand dominance
  • Moves with enough balance and control to perform a variety of skills
  • Draws a person with five body parts (head, body, arms, legs, and face)
  • Engages in all self-help skills

Mathematics and Science

  • Recognizes and repeats simple patterns
  • Identifies and names simple shapes
  • Count in sequence up to 20
  • Further develops quantity and number concepts (sort, order, classify)
  • Makes predictions
  • Encourages use of sense, observations, and questioning to find solutions



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