• More time to interact inside and outside in social play
  • More time in our structured Circle Time for skill development
  • More time to expand and delve into deeper detail on monthly themes
  • Lunch Bunch together (11:30am-12:30pm; also available as an add-on to the Am Class or PM Class)


Due to this additional time in the school day, teachers’ observations over the years have shown that children:

  • Bond more quickly with peers and staff and form stronger connections
  • Develop stronger social skills, especially in verbal communication skills (listening/speaking)
  • Mature and exhibit more independence sooner
  • Progress well and become more advanced in skill areas
  • Have a more relaxed, consistent experience


The teachers have more time to work with the students for:

  • Skill development in all areas
  • Observations and assessment of a child’s progress and needs
  • Delving into topics children bring up and are interested in expanding on


Concerns that are most often unfounded:

  • Children will be tired in the afternoon: Every year the teachers find one or two children who are tired in the afternoon during the first few weeks. By October they usually have acclimated to the classroom routine and schedule.

It is too long a day for children: The teachers find that some children find the first few weeks an adjustment. There are a few children who are ready to go by the end of the day. There are also children who don’t want to go home and ask throughout the year if they can stay for the After School Program. For the most part, the children truly enjoy their full day and keep busy throughout it with their peers. As the year progresses, they have so much fun with their peers (especially eating lunch together and having additional outside playtime) that they are always engaged in all aspects of the day.



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