Our 2014-2015 Monthly Themes


September: All About Me
Character Development Theme: Patience and Self-Control
Composer: Ludwig Van Beethoven

Artist: Rembrandt

Letters: L l, T t, F f

Color: Yellow


October: Fall and Harvest
Character Development Theme: Honesty
Composer: Johannes Brahms

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh

Letters: O o, C c, U u

Color: Black & Orange


November: Native American, Pilgrims and Thanksgiving
Character Development Theme: Thankfulness & Cooperation
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Artist: Claude Monet

Letters: S s, J j , P p

Color: Brown


December: Holidays Around the World
Character Development Theme: Generosity
Composer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Artist: Claude Monet

Letters: D d, G g, B b

Color: White


January: The Solar System
Character Development Theme: Respect and Tolerance
Composer:  Felix Mendelssohn

Artist: Michelangelo

Letters: I I, K k, A a

Color: Blue


February: The Human Body
Character Development Theme: Love and Caring
Composer: Franz Schubert

Artist: Pablo Picasso

Letters: R r, H h

Color: Red


March: Dr. Seuss

Character Development Theme: Positive Attitude and Joy

Composer: Antonin Dvorak

Artist: Edgar Degas

Letters: E e, Q q, V v

Color: Green


April: Earth Awareness/Gardening/Nature Walks/Recycling
Character Development Theme: Responsibility
Composer: Franz Joseph Hayden

Artist: Georgia O’Keefe

Letters: W w, M m, N n

Color: Purple


May: Butterflies
Character Development Theme: Fairness
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Letters: X x, Y y , Z z

Artist: Jackson Pollack

Color: Pink


June: Our Year in Junior Kindergarten/Kindergarten
Character Development Theme: Determination and Perseverance
Composer: Edward Elgar

Artist: Review

Letters: Review from A – Z




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