6:30-8:30 am         Early Morning Arrivals

Children may eat breakfast and enjoy Open Playtime

Mothers may relax with coffee or tea, feed their darling and chat with caregivers and teachers.


8:00am                  Diapering & Toileting

8:30-9:00 am         Arrival for half day children

Hand washing, socializing, and informal play activities


                              Children who nap in the morning will sleep when needed

9:00-9:15 am         Group Time

Stories, music, songs, finger plays, puppets

9:15-9:30 am        Hand Washing and Snack

Children all wash hands and enjoy a healthy snack.

9:30-10:15 am       Music and Movement

Children enjoy engaging in gross motor activities to lively music.

10:15-10:45 am      Open Playtime and Small Group Activity

  • Children choose play options such as:
  • Blocks
  • Train set, cars, trucks and airplanes
  • Touch Table- contents include sand, water, etc… and change regularly
  • Dramatic Play including the kitchen, babies, dress-up, workshop
  • Library
  • Fine motor activities such as puzzles and manipulatives
  • Art Creations activities including Play-doh, coloring, finger painting

10:45-11:15 am       Outside Playtime

Gross Motor play     

11:15 am                 Diapering & Toileting      

11:30-12:00 pm       Lunch Bunch

Children all wash hands and enjoy lunch together while learning manners.

12:00 pm                 Diapering/Toileting

12:30 pm                 Dismissal/Arrival for half day children

12:30-2:15 pm         Naptime

Children nap while listening to soft music, cuddling and having their backs rubbed.

2:15-2:30 pm           Wake-up, Diapering & Toileting

2:30 pm                   Hand Washing and Snack

                                                Children all wash hands and enjoy a healthy snack.

2:45-3:30 pm          Outside Playtime

Gross Motor play                            

4:30pm                   Dismissal for half day children   

4:30-6:30 pm           Later Day Play

The Later Day Play consists of art, music, books and snack.


®   Our Infant and Toddler Classroom has a diaper changing table, and a bathroom within the classroom which has a small child-size toilet. Teachers change diapers as needed and help children with toilet training when ready.


®   This schedule is followed as children respond well to predictability. However, this is a guideline and may be deviated from, at times, to allow for spontaneity.



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