(Based on the CT State Dept. of Education Early Learning Development Standards)


Social and Emotional Development

  • Recognizing and reaching out to a familiar adult
  • Begin developing own pattern for sleeping, eating and other basic needs
  • Expressing a variety of emotion and needs using facial expressions, body movements and vocalizations
  • Mirroring other’s expressions of feelings
  • Watching and responding to other children
  • Showing interest in being with others
  • Beginning to participate as adult attends to personal needs
  • Celebrating differences among children and their families


Physical Development

  • Learning to hold head up and follows sound and movement
  • Learning to sit up, roll over, crawl, pull up and walk
  • Grasping toys with whole hand and eventually with thumb and index finger

Cognitive Development

  • Attending to sights and sounds
  • Exploring objects using all 5 senses
  • Exploring objects and noticing how they react
  • Demonstrating the awareness of a problem
  • Watching the actions of others


Language Development

  • Showing interest in the speech of others
  • Using facial expressions, movements and distinct cries or vocalizations to communicate
  • Engaging in simple back-and-forth communication such as cooing
  • Manipulating books as an adult reads aloud
  • Noticing pictures



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