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We place high importance on a developmentally appropriate environment, so critical to your child’s healthy development. Since surroundings have a powerful influence on infants and toddlers, we focus on providing a quality child-sized space for your child. Safety is first in importance where children may move about freely, to explore without getting hurt.  Health and comfort are also important in creating a welcoming, secure environment.  Our infant room has soft and natural colors, natural light and lamps (vs. fluorescent lighting), with a steady flow of fresh air.  Our Infant and Toddler classrooms are primarily furnished with furniture from the company Community Playthings. Their products are solid wood – maple hardwood grown in the U.S.A. Some products are made with composite wood (Classroom Tables) or plywood components, (Multi-tables, display shelving, Loft, Nursery Gym, room dividers, etc.). These are all tested for formaldehyde emissions as part of the company’s indoor air quality certification – Indoor Advantage Gold. This not only ensures low emissions of formaldehyde, but also total VOC emissions and several other specific VOCs.


Infant and toddler rooms are designed for intentional and responsive interaction between your child and his/her caregiver. This connection and interaction has a direct bearing on the infant/toddlers confidence and ability to learn. Therefore, “babysitter” devices such as exersaucers and swings are used minimally.  With a positive, safe and loving environment, children may achieve developmental milestones while feeling secure and stimulated to tackle the next new learning experience.



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