Our Lunch Bunch Program is a wonderful time for children to enjoy eating their lunch together allowing for additional time for socializing and developing good manners.


Children in the morning Nursery School, PreKindergarten, Jr. Kindergarten or Kindergarten classes may join us following their classes for Lunch Bunch from 11:30am to 12:15pm.  Children in afternoon Nursery School, PreKindergarten, Jr. Kindergarten or Kindergarten classes may arrive at 11:30am and join us for the Lunch Bunch prior to their classes at 12:15pm. Children in Lunch Bunch wash hands, have lunch which parents provide, and as time allows, may enjoy quiet activities, group singing, a story and/or outside playtime.  Manners that are stressed at lunch time are to use “please”, “thank you”, “may I”, “excuse me”, to keep mouths closed while chewing, to wait to finish chewing before speaking, to clean up ones own area, turn in their placemat and push their chair in.


Children need to bring their lunch and the lunch bag MUST contain an ice pack.  Lunch Bunch teachers can heat up food for your child. Please do not have heat-up food in a plastic container which is not safe to microwave.  We ask that any food brought into The Academy be healthy food.  We are a CANDY and NUT-FREE SCHOOL.  Please exclude any candy or nut based product from any food item brought onto The Burlington Academy of Learning premises.  Nut allergies are very serious!  Nut based products include any form of nut, nut oils and any food processed in the same vicinity of a nut product.  We take great pride in the safe environment we provide for our students with allergies.


3 Year Old Nursery School:

Prior to Lunch Bunch, teachers heat up meals and place them on children’s individual placemats. Desserts are kept on the counter until healthy food is eaten.  Uneaten food is placed back into the child’s lunch box so parents may see what was eaten. Children are taught to clean up their own space and begin to understand and practice the importance of recycling.


PreKindergarten, Jr. Kindergarten, Kindergarten:

Children are guided to unpack their lunch onto their placemat, eat their main part of their meal before their snack/dessert, put any uneaten portions back into their lunch bag (so parents can see what was eaten), and to clean up their own space, paying special attention to proper recycling. 


If parents would like their children to attend this program on a regular basis, we ask that you register your child through the Main Office.  Parents may also have children join this program on an “as needed basis” by simply calling the Main Office or completing the lime green “Change Form” when they bring their child to school.  Children will be added to the attendance list and the Business Office will invoice monthly based on attendance in this additional program. 

We look forward to having your child join us for Lunch Bunch!

They will love it!



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