For our Before School Program, we open at 6:30am and children may arrive anytime between 6:30am and the start of their morning class at The Academy.  Students who attend public school may attend the Before School Program and ride the bus from The Academy to Lake Garda, Harwinton Consolidated and Har-Bur Middle Schools.  Parents do not need to call ahead to use this program and may simply show up. We aim to keep your lives as simple as possible J.  Parents sign their child in on the attendance list and the Business Office will invoice monthly for this additional program. You will only be billed for the days your child attends the program.  All parents must “sign-in” their child onto the attendance sheet upon arrival.  Please do not rely on the teachers to do so.


Children have the option to do open choices including books, puzzles, games, manipulatives, blocks, writing and art in the morning.  Older children may engage in computers, Wii, music, ping pong, arts & crafts and board games. At the time of their bus or class at The Academy, a teacher escorts them to their proper destination.



We must ensure that The Academy is a safe environment for each and every child.   Some of our children have severe allergies including contact allergies and in order to protect those children from allergens, we’ve put in place a policy and procedure for any child that brings breakfast to the Before School Program.


The first thing that each and every child does when they enter the school is to wash their hands.  The Before School Program will have a table designated as “The Breakfast Table” that any child who has food will go to and eat their breakfast.  We ask that any food brought into The Academy be healthy food.  We are a CANDY and NUT-FREE SCHOOL.  Please exclude any candy or nut product from any food item brought onto The Burlington Academy of Learning premises.  Nut allergies are very serious.  Nut products include any form of nut, nut oils and any food processed in the same vicinity of a nut product. Children must remain at “The Breakfast Table” until they completes their breakfast (no “grazing”).  They will then clean up their spot, wipe off their mouth and join the other children or to do activities at the other locations in the room. We take great pride in the safe environment we provide for our students with allergies.  We appreciate your understanding of and for this policy and ask that you explain the procedure to your child(ren) as well.



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