Bilingual Preschool & Kindergarten Class

We’re so very excited to announce the launching of a 

Bilingual Preschool & Kindergarten ClassAcademía Bilingue,

at The Burlington Academy

for the 2019/2020 School Year!  

This class will be taught by our amazing Señora Analia!!


Senora Analia’s Academía Bilingue Preschool & Kindergarten Class will be a complete Spanish immersion experience!  Student's will receive all the benefits of a traditional Early Childhood Experience, with the added benefit of becoming fluent in Spanish!  Language immersion has been shown to be the most effective way to achieve fluency in a second language.  


Early childhood is the ideal time to start exposure to a second language!  Children adapt easily to the second language because their brains are in the early stages of their language development.  


There are many cognitive benefits for children who learn a second language.  Many bilingual children demonstrate increased analytical, social, and academic skills in math, science, and creativity, and increased memory retention!  Studies show that bilingual individuals are better multi taskers and possess stronger attention skills.  Bilingual children also displace a higher level of brain activity in the regions associated with executive functions.  Best of all, once you’ve learned one foreign language, it’s easier to learn others!


Learning a foreign language, or two, opens up so many doors!  Before we know it, our children will be college students studying abroad and embarking on careers in a global economy.  Until then, they can sharpen their minds, enhance their memory and critical thinking skills, and have a phenomenal early learning experience with Señora Analia!  


Register NOW to reserve your child’s spot!  

This special program will have its own special price, 

and we will be accepting full time, full week, students only!


We’re so happy to be offering this very extraordinary opportunity to our students, and are looking forward to an awesome school year!



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