In Classroom and Social Behavior, children will:

  • Separate from family members
  • Interact with familiar adults
  • Begin to share and take turns
  • Like friends
  • Manage transitions
  • Be encouraged to participate in the group life of the class
  • Take appropriate risks
  • Maintain attention for 10-15 minutes
  • Be willing to explore other activities
  • Participate in roll playing activities
  • Participate in group activities
  • Be environmentally mindful and respectful of our planet Earth


In Physical Development, children will:

  • Move with enough control to perform simple skills
  • Engage in self-help skills with increasing independence
  • Manipulate writing and painting implements
  • Show beginning eye-hand coordination
  • Begin to understand personal space
  • Begin to solve problems using their bodies

In Language Arts, children will:

  • Be able to list and understand directions and conversations
  • Be able to follow one-step instructions
  • Use words to express feelings
  • Be able to defend self with words (“stop that”)
  • Identify self by first name
  • Attend to a story which is read directly or played on a CD player
  • Begin to develop an appreciation for a variety of literature experiences
  • Use descriptive language during share and tell
  • Express thoughts on paper as pictures or in dictation


In Math and Science, children will:

  • Show an interest in quantity and number
  • Name and identify all basic colors
  • Begin to sort and order objects
  • Use counting in daily activities
  • Demonstrate curiosity about the world
  • Begin to seek out opportunities to observe, question and find solutions
  • Demonstrate one-to-one correspondence with numbers



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