The Burlington Academy of Learning has a very active and engaging program with a challenging curriculum and high expectations for the 3 hour AM or PM Nursery School Class, or the 7 hour full day class.


The Nursery School Teachers are very busy executing the curriculum and accomplishing all on the Learning Experience plans within that 3-hour class time. Centers Time (Choice Time) is a time when the teachers are closely engaged with the children, facilitating their play and watching for opportunities for modeling Character Development, as well as teaching/guiding them in their social development which happens intensely at this time. This is very different from a day care setting where the teachers only supervise play. 


Center Time is also the time at which “Art Creations” occurs which is when the children are called to the art table in small groups according to the level of challenge of the art creations project of the day. Sometimes 3-4 children may do the project at a time, sometimes the project requires one-on-one guidance from a Nursery School Teacher. Often during Center Time, teachers are assisting children at the art easel for individual painting or at the writing table for individual fine motor skill work, writing assistance, proper letter formation or our “Handwriting Without Tears Program”.


To keep our teachers available for teaching, we ask those parents whose children are not yet toilet trained, (as children entering our Nursery School program are not required to be toilet trained), to change their child’s diaper right before they bring them to school. Please also change their diaper once you arrive at school if you know your child has soiled their diaper on the way to school.

It is the policy of The Burlington Academy of Learning to change a child’s diaper:


  • If they have a bowel movement during the 3 hour class.


  • Right before AM recess if he/she attends Before School, since they will have been with us for more than 3 hours by the time they are picked up at 11:30am or 12:15pm after Lunch Bunch.


  • Prior to attending Lunch Bunch since they arrived at 8:30am. 


  • Right before recess if he/she attends After School, since they will have been with us for more than 3 hours by the time they are picked up between 3:15pm and 6pm.


For children in diapers, please provide the Nursery School Teachers with diapers, wipes and ointment (if ointment desired) to keep at school. Cloth diapers are not permissible per state regulations. Please also provide diapers and wipes in their backpack for when they are outside the Nursery School classroom and may need a diaper change. For example, when they may be in Building 2 for our Before School Program, After School Program, Supplemental Care Program, Summer programs or a visit to other classrooms, the playground or the movie theatre in building 2.

Toilet Training

Once a child is truly ready for toilet training, they often need more direct involvement on the teacher’s part for the 2-3 weeks of true “toilet training”. If a child is truly ready, the process usually takes approximately 2-3 weeks of dedication and time commitment on the part of the child, parents and teachers.


For those children taking on the responsibility of toilet training, we ask parents to communicate this to teachers so we may work together with you for a most efficient, successful toilet training process. The more consistency between what occurs at home and school, the better for the child. Please inform teachers the language your child uses around toileting (pee, tinkle, poop, etc…) so this can be as comfortable and familiar as possible.


We ask parents to assist their child with toileting at home right before coming to school. Once you arrive at school, please take your child into the bathroom for toileting. They may resist and insist they do not have to go at this time as they are excited to see friends and start playing, however, we find this is the time when accidents do occur. So please go in the bathroom, close the door and encourage them to try.


Teachers will then remind a child, in the process of training, to try throughout the day according to the agreed upon schedule decide with parents and teachers. Accidents may happen more at school during the training phase, as there are many exciting distractions at Nursery School. Please provide a few sets of extra clothes in your child’s backpack during the training phase.


Teachers abundantly praise children who are training for the bathroom success!

Toilet Trained Children

Only one child is allowed in the bathroom at a time. The door is kept closed for privacy. Children who are toilet trained are encouraged to use the bathroom as needed. Teachers remind them they are available if they need any help with toileting, wiping or redressing. Teachers always ask children who used the bathroom if they have washed their hands.

Diapering and Toileting Policies

It is our policy at The Burlington Academy of Learning that:

  • Teachers wash hands thoroughly before assisting with diapering or toileting according to proper hand washing procedures posted above the hand washing sink.
  • Teachers wear latex gloves when assisting a child with diapering or toileting.
  • A teacher will assist children using the toilet, unless the child is completely independent. In this case, the teacher reminds the child they are available if needed and to remember to flush and wash their hands.
  • Teacher and child wash hands thoroughly after toileting and diapering according to proper hand washing procedures posted above the hand washing sink.
  • When diapering, teachers use a non-porous diaper changing table installed on the wall of the bathroom located within the classroom. They put down a disposable paper sheet on the surface of changing table. Table is washed and disinfected after each use with an antibacterial cleaning wipe.
  • Teachers place the child on the prepared diaper changing table, and secure the child using the safety straps. A child will NEVER be left unattended when on the diaper changing table.
  • Teachers remove the child’s soiled diaper and wipe child appropriately and place to side out of reach of child (front to back) and use parent supplied diapers and ointments.
  • Gloves, soiled diapers, wipes and changing table sheet will be properly discarded into the covered, washable, lined waste receptacle immediately after use.


If you have any questions or individual requests regarding your child’s diapering or toileting, please communicate with the Head of School or your child’s Head Teacher as we wish to have this experience as comfortable and successful as possible for all our children.



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