September: Getting to Know You / Getting to Know Me

Character Development Theme: Patience

and Self Control

Composer:  Ludwig Van Beethoven

Color: Yellow   Shape: Circle


October:  Fall Fun

Character Development Theme:  Honesty

Composer:  Johannes Brahms

Color: Orange and Black    Shape: Square


November: Our 5 Senses / Thanksgiving

Character Development Theme:  Thankfulness & Cooperation

Composer:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Color: Brown    Shape: Triangle


December:  Holidays Around the World

Character Development Theme:  Generosity

Composer:  Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Color: White    Shape: Rectangle


January:  Transportation

Character Development Theme: Respect and Tolerance

Composer:  Felix  Mendelssohn

Color: Blue    Shape: Oval

February:  All About Winter (weather, animals) & Valentines Day

Character Development Theme:  Love & Caring

Composer:  Franz Schubert

Color: Red     Shape: Heart                      


March: Community Helpers

Character Development Theme:  Positive Attitude and Joy

Composer:  Antonin Dvorak

Color: Green    Shape: Diamond


April: Farm

Character Development Theme:  Responsibility

Composer:  Franz Joseph Hayden

Color: Purple    Shape: Octagon


May: Springtime Growth

Character Development Theme:  Fairness 

Composer:  Johann Sebastian Bach

Color: Pink    Shape: Star


June: Our Year in Nursery School                    

Character Development Theme:  Determination & Perseverance

Composer:  Edward William Elgar

Color: Review   Shape: Review



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