(Based on the Connecticut Early Learning Guidelines and

the Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Frameworks)


Personal and Social Development

•  Shows direction with range of materials

•  Sustains attention to task or goal set out to accomplish

•  Participates in teacher-led group activities

•  Manages transitions, follows routines and rules

•  Uses words to express emotions or feelings

•  Shows empathy and caring for others

•  Interacts cooperatively with peers

•  Works to resolve conflicts

•  Recognizes similarities and appreciates differences





Physical Development

•  Uses coordinated large-muscle movements

•  Uses coordinated small-muscle movements

•  Cares for self independently


Cognitive Development

•  Engages in scientific inquiry

•  Uses a variety of strategies to solve problems

•  Sorts objects

•  Recognizes and makes patterns

•  Compares and orders objects and events

•  Relates number to quantity

•  Demonstrates spatial awareness

•  Uses complex sentences and vocabulary to describe ideas and experiences

•  Understands and participates in conversations

•  Shows understanding of stories

•  Displays knowledge of books and print

•  Recognizes similar sound in speech

•  Identifies printed words

•  Uses writing to convey meaning


Creative Expression

•  Builds and constructs to represent own ideas

•  Draws and paints to represent own ideas

•  Represents experiences and fantasies in pretend play

•  Sings and responds to music



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