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Spanish begins for all students starting the first week in October.  In our 2 and 3 Year Old Nursery School programs, Spanish is taught ongoing during the day and week, and reinforced throughout the school day. In PreKindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Kindergarten Enrichment, the children have thirty minutes of Spanish instruction from Senora Dana Tracy, Region 10’s Spanish Teacher at Lake Garda.


The students learn the Spanish language through books, songs, finger plays, games, cooking and crafts.  Each month there are “Basic” and “Expanded” themes.  Our Nursery School and PreKindergarten classes do the “Basic” themes and the Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Kindergarten Enrichment classes do the “Basic” plus the “Expanded “ as time allows.


Outlines of lessons are in the monthly school wide newsletters.  This information is provided to you as parents so that you will be aware of what is being taught as well as be able to reinforce the lesson with your child.  Practice, practice and more practice in a light-hearted casual way is a great way to earning a new language.  Make it a family affair and initiate language games or challenges. 


Lessons taught in the beginning of the year will be reinforced throughout the entire year.  Therefore, it is advisable to print lessons from the newsletter and/or website to save in a folder so that songs and vocabulary that no longer appear in the monthly newsletter can be referred to.


Parents should always feel free to contact our Spanish teachers with any comments, questions or stories!



Basic = greetings, numbers, colors

Expanded= calendar basics, Halloween



Basic = days of the week, geometric shapes, basic family, basic foods

Expanded= extended family, Thanksgiving, food pyramid and healthy eating



Basic = weather, family, seasons, basic clothes

Expanded= Winter Holidays, clothes



Basic = seasons, basic clothes, basic body parts

Expanded= Three Kings Day, clothes, body parts



Basic = basic farm animals, vowels, review of shapes, colors, body parts

Expanded= Farm animals, Valentines Day, alphabet



Basic = vowels, basic facial features, review of months, seasons

Expanded= alphabet, song for graduation, facial features



Basic = song for graduation, review of body parts, colors, seasons

Expanded= song for graduation, Spring Holidays, emotions



Basic =ocean, basic butterfly life cycle

Expanded= graduation song, emotions, extended life cycle of butterfly



Basic = review, graduation song

Expanded= song for graduation, review



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