Music Enrichment Program


All children are inherently musical, and sing and move naturally as they grow and learn.  For all of history, children have learned the music of their own culture from the aural tradition of listening and participating as grandparents, parents and children sing and play together.  As families continue to become more spread out, and the culture of small communities becomes more difficult to provide, many playful songs and rhymes once shared from generation to generation are becoming lost.  Singing and moving to music is essential for the development of young minds, and for instilling a connection to others in fun and affectionate ways.

The curriculum for music in early childhood will be based primarily on singing and movement to music.  Singing repertoire will be based on high quality literature, including traditional and folk music from a variety of cultures and time periods.  Movement to music will include but not be limited to:  rhymes, hand and finger games, creative movement, simple dances, stone passing, instrument playing and rhythm sticks, parachute, scarves and ball rolling and bouncing.   Students will explore major and minor keys, mixed meter, steady beat, dynamics and tempo, and music and dance in other languages and from other cultures of the world.



Each 30 minute music session will be divided into sections as time permits, and will be based on the following:

  • o   Greeting song (with student names)
  • o   Foundations exercise (rhythmic\melodic echoing, Kodaly hand signs and syllables, etc.)
  • o   Movement (folk dancing, stone passing, scarves, etc.)
  • o   Perform (sing, play-along, rhythm sticks, shakers)

Quiet song (lullaby, folk song with guitar or unaccompanied)



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