Our literacy program includes teaching concepts about print, reading books (chapter books, picture books, big books, CD stories, etc…), learning sight words, journaling, phonemic awareness activities through music, poems, listening activities and rhymes.  We also have guided reading with our “Reading A-Z” books which are leveled readers that are just right for each child’s level.  This is begun as children are developmentally ready. These will be sent home to read with an adult and need to be brought back to school.  Individual expectations and tutoring is provided according to each child’s ability and level


Journal Writing 

Students in PreKindergarten, Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten write in journals and are encouraged to draw, write letters, words, do inventive spelling, and write phrases which will eventually become sentences.  Occasionally, children draw or write about something they made or did in Centers (writing for a purpose). Children often share the journals with classmates.





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