At The Burlington Academy, our goal is to provide a warm, nurturing, comfortable environment for the children where they feel it is "their" space and feel at home.  Our goal is for the decorations, bulletin boards, painted windows and art hanging from ceilings to be the children's work.  We teach children good organizational skills, beginning with their own belongings and backpack.  This extends to the classroom environment where materials, supplies, puzzles, games, toys all have designated well-labeled spaces and children are expected to keep order in these areas throughout the day to keep up an orderly, non-cluttered environment to learn in. 


We aim to minimize the sand, salt and dirt by requiring faculty and staff to wear slippers in winter months and encouraging children and staff to wear slippers indoors even in Spring, Summer and Fall. This helps keep our floors much cleaner for the children. In Building 1, our Junior Academy, where our Infant, Toddler and Two Year Old Programs are held, shoes are not allowed at any time and children are required to wear non-skid slippers at all times. Parents are asked to remove their shoes before entering the classroom space or put protective booties on which we provide in baskets at all entryways. 



We do not use bleach products or any chemicals during the school day when children are present. The only cleaner we use when children are present is Green Works. Windows are opend on all days possible to keep fresh air flowing and circulating throughout the classrooms. Even in winter, we turn heat down at the end of the school day and air out classrooms to exchange air for fresh air.  Our school is air conditioned. Children enjoy lunch outside in Summer, however on very hot days it is a relief to be inside for lunch! 



Our playground equipment is IPEMA certified and we have 12 inches of IPEMA certified mulch under and around all high impact areas. 




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