At The Burlington Academy of Learning, our first focus and priority is always safety.  We have strict guidelines and policies for supervision and safety. All faculty and staff follow policies regarding ratios, supervision, the environment - indoors and outdoors, food, school busses, field trips, school doors, visitors, deliveries, repairs during school hours, and dismissals/pick-ups.


Teachers educate children on safety of the following topics: playground, food, street crossing, fire, stranger, bus, and bicycles.


The school follows recommended procedures in the “Bristol/Burlington Connecticut Community Emergency Preparedness Guide”.  We have specific procedures in place for all school, town and/or state emergencies including medical, fire, weather, evacuation, and lockdown.  An SMS texting system is in place to reach parents immediately in the event of any emergency.



School Doors: All doors to the school are kept locked at ALL times, even at Arrival and Dismissal times.  Faculty and Staff insure all doors are tightly shut.  All Faculty and Staff check that all doors are locked when walking from door to door or building to building. We also ask that parents partner with us by always checking all doors when coming into and going out of the school as well. 


Child Pick-Up: Parents list authorized pick-up individuals on their enrollment documentation which may be updated in writing at any time. Only those individuals listed on the authorized pick-up list may pick up a child. Photo identification is always required for pick-up if teachers have not met the authorized pick-up individual. 


Medical Emergency Plan: Although the State of CT only requires ONE staff to be CPR and First Aid certified in each building, the policy of The Burlington Academy of Learning is that ALL Head Teachers and ALL full time Faculty and Staff are required to be Infant/child CPR certified and American Red Cross First Aid trained and certified, as well as certified in Medications and Epi-Pen Administration. As a comfort to parents, we wish to inform you that due to excellent and well-trained faculty and staff, as well as a high standard of precautionary safety measures at The Burlington Academy, the school has NEVER had to call 911.


All enrolled parents receive a detailed description of all safety, security and supervision policies outlined above. 



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