We wholeheartedly welcome  . . .

parent and grandparent involvement in any way, shape or form!


Our children love to feel the sense of many, loving, caring people in their environment and our school is only made more impressionable on your child's development by the parent and grandparent volunteers who are involved in a variety of ways!


Some examples of involvement include:

-Read stories

-Lunch Bunch

-Scholastic volunteers

-Drama Center volunteers

-Play dough makers

-Holiday party coordinators

-Concert and Drama Productions

-Classroom helpers for special projects

-Classroom help for cutting, copying, laminating, bulletin boards

-Parent/Grandparent Helpers - an extra pair of hands in the classroom! (For cute projects that may require extra help such as painting feet or tracing bodies:)






We greatly appreciate Parent/Grandparent Helpers and welcome you anytime; part of the class or all of the class☺ We ask that you sign up for this with your child's teacher if you know ahead of time which will assist with planning the day. If you don't know ahead of time, that's always OK! We also ask that parents begin this in October to give children the month of September to adjust to their new routines before unfamiliar adults enter the classroom.


On "Parent/Grandparent Helper" days, teachers may plan a special project when an extra pair of hands is necessary. Teachers may schedule our cooking projects on "Parent/Grandparent Helper" days or other activities that would benefit from an extra pair of hands. You may also sign up to be a "Parent/Grandparent Helper" on the day of your child's birthday celebration. "Parent Helper" days allow Moms, Dads, Grandparents and "special persons" in your child's life, the chance to get a first hand look at what goes on during their child's school day. It enables the children to see their parents as important and concerned members of their school environment and gives children a positive, connected feeling between home and school.


Please note: It is important that parents do not bring other children on their "Parent/Grandparent Helper" day. Siblings and other young visitors change the dynamics of the classroom and we need as normal a day as possible to carry through with the planned curriculum. We realize that this may be difficult for some parents and hope that arrangements can be made for parents who need babysitting or work together with another parent to share child care, thus giving each parent a chance to be a "Parent/Grandparent Helper" Parents may also check with the Main office in regards to having a younger child attend in one of our Infant, Toddler, Two's Program, if desired. It is a very special day for all involved!




1. When you arrive at The Burlington Academy of Learning, please sign in to the "Visitor Log" located in The Main Office and also in Classroom 3 of Building 2. You will receive a nametag. We require all visitors to follow this procedure.

2. We introduce our "Parent/Grandparent Helper" Helpers in the beginning of class. We tell the children they may ask a Parent Helper for assistance because they are (children chime in)..."an adult we can trust."

3. Keep in mind that the Teachers are instructing the students and will not have an opportunity to confer with parents during the school day. If you would like to discuss the progress of your child, or if you have a question or concern about anything you see, please schedule a conference with your child's teacher—which will allow both of you adequate time to concentrate on your child. The teacher's attention and focus must be with the children 100% of the time. Therefore, we minimize "adult conversation" in the classroom.

4. When you volunteer at The Academy you may become aware of confidential information. It is important that this information not be discussed with another parent or friend. Asking about another child other than your own would be a breach of teacher's confidentiality.

5. When teachers are instructing the children and you have an idea, it is helpful to discuss it after the class so you can speak with the teacher individually and not during the children's class time.

6. Please allow the children to do things for themselves. We always try to teach independence and encourage self-help skills!

7. Please review a copy of the Rules and Guidelines before coming. Please be supportive with kindness, patience, and caring!

8. Please use "Phrases Frequently Used With Children" whenever possible. (Per state regulations, parents who volunteer more than 11 times a year must complete a health form, have evidence of a Tuberculosis test, and undergo fingerprint screening.) We value your involvement and look forward to your days with us this school year!





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