Minimizing Illness Precautionary Measures

Our highest priority is the health, safety and well-being of our BAL students and families.


We have precautionary measures in place to help in minimizing the spread of Illnesses. we encourage you to dive deep into our precautionary measures and contact us with any questions. This document is available for view, download and print.

August 23, 2020 
(updated 8-23-20 KH) 
The safety and well-being of our children and staff are always our number one priority. In addition to the State of CT, Bristol/Burlington Health District, Office of Early Childhood and CDC guidelines, The Academy also follows many additional, enhanced precautions.
Children now need to learn a new normal and become educated and accustomed to new precautions while in the presence of other children and/or adults. We have been successful these past 4 months with teaching and guiding our children with the process of our well prepared specific plans. 
As we always teach, children are monitored to not touch their own face, eyes, nose, mouth. We also teach them to not touch friends and it is important now to give additional personal space. Physical distancing is of course hard for young children. However, we talk about this and encourage this as best possible. Changes have been made with classroom set-up to insure additional physical distancing in the classrooms and during activities. Since outdoors is the healthiest place to spend time, we renovated our “Outdoor Classrooms” adding hot/cold running water sinks plus the ability to conduct the entire day outdoors! 
Additional supportive staff is available to assist with ensuring all precautionary measures are implemented to the highest standards and that teachers have the support they need to focus on their children. 
These precautionary measures are edited, updated and added to daily as we observe areas needing additional measures. As this must be a team effort, we always welcome your ideas, suggestions and input. 
General Measures 
  • Modified operating hours to 6:30am-5pm, minimizing combining children at beginning and end of the day. 
  • If anyone in the immediate family is showing symptoms, parents must inform the school immediately and the child will not be able to attend until that person has been cleared by a physician. 
  • We use our newly enhanced "Outdoor Classrooms" for as much time as possible. 
  • Only teachers and administration working are allowed in the buildings. 
  • We minimize combining classes. Combining of any children is done only if cleared with parents first. 
  • All children and staff cover their coughs and sneezes with tissue or the corner of the elbow. All soiled tissues are disposed of immediately after each use. 
  • Teachers and staff wear masks at times when communicating with parents and times when closer interaction is required with children. 
  • Windows are opened as much as possible throughout the day and classrooms are aired out at the end of each day. 
  • No shoes are permitted inside any buildings. Teachers and children remove shoes outside, leaving them outside, and slip on “indoor shoes” or slippers. Children coming in to use bathroom from outside remove shoes outside then go in with a teacher wearing indoor shoes. 
  • Our Parent Coffee Stations have been removed. 
  • Children sit side by side and not opposite each other. 
Personal Belongings
  • Plastic bins are used instead of backpacks. Children’s items remain in plastic bin. Bins are sterilized throughout the day and at days’ end. 
  • No diaper bags or back packs are permitted at school. Only disposable bags. All items are stored in each child’s parent provided individual clear bin and all items must go home at the end of each week to be thoroughly washed and returned. Nap items must go home daily.
  • Each child must provide a clear bin for belongings (approx. 6-8 gallon, approx. 18x12x8). The bin stays at school. Individual bins are sterilized at the end of each day. 
  • Children’s belongings are kept outside the building in their individual covered plastic bin. 
  • The Jr. Academy is always shoe-free. Shoes are permitted in ThePreschool & Kindergarten Academy and The Enrichment Academy. However, we ask these be school shoes and children change into school shoes that stay at school and home shoes for home. 
  • Children need to bring their own sheets/blankets for nap/rest time which are stored in their bin. 
Arrival & Pick-Up Procedures 
  • Weather Permitting: Drop off and pick up takes place outside on Outdoor Classrooms. Please check there first before approaching door to drop off or pick up from inside.
  • Parents must wear masks and get child out of car and wait for a teacher to take the child. Parents may not enter playground. 
  • All children and staff are checked upon arrival for any observable illness, including cough or respiratory distress. Children will immediately wash hands after saying good- bye to parents. We will take child’s temp after they wash their hands to confirm temperature is below 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Our first preference is to greet and dismiss outside, so to minimize contact, we are temporarily stopping the use of our ProCare check-in stations. Teachers sign in/out the children. 
  • If drop off is not at Outdoor Classrooms due to inclement weather, parent drop off and pick up is as follows:
Junior Academy
Individual classroom entrance door 
Preschool and Kindergarten Academy 
3NS – Main Office door Preschool and Kindergarten Academy 
PreK – PreK classroom entrance door Preschool and Kindergarten Academy Bilingual Class – Side classroom entrance door on Outdoor Classroom. 
Enrichment Academy
Right side entrance door The teachers help the parent each time. 
  • No parents enter the school. 
  • No parents, siblings, and/or outside adults enter the school 
  • Activities take place in Outdoor Classrooms as often as possible. New shade tents are in place for shade and protection from light rain so children can stay outdoors as much as possible. 
  • No more than 16 children in one space while maintaining state ratios at all times. 
  • Enhanced cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting is implemented throughout the day and a thorough unique new “end of day disinfecting” procedure is conducted.
  • We regularly sanitize all commonly touched surfaces such as tables, chairs, countertops, doorknobs, light switches, and classroom materials.
  • We spray down all playground equipment and school interior at end of day - or midday if no children in vicinity and there is time to dry. We use a disinfecting spray in pump sprayers to thoroughly reach all areas. All Strollers are disinfected between use. 
  • All tricycles are disinfected between use. 
  • All staff and children adhere to regular hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. This is closely monitored by teachers and additional supportive staff. 
  • Handwashing is completed: 
  • Upon arrival to school 
  • Before coming in contact with any child 
  • Before handling food 
  • Before and after eating 
  • After sneezing, coughing or nose blowing 
  • After touching ones’ face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth - After using the rest room 
  • After touching or cleaning surfaces that may be contaminated - After using any shared equipment such as toys, computer keyboards, mouse 
  • After coming inside from the playground. 
* Handwashing sinks with hot and cold water are available on all playgrounds to insure handwashing procedures are strictly followed 
Sick Child and/or Staff Plan
We have been advised that symptoms for children have changed over time. There are now more G.I. symptoms associated with COVID-19, along with difficulty breathing and loss of taste and/or smell. Since usual illness symptoms and Covid symptoms are of course going to overlap, we will continue to follow all our usual illness guidelines asking parents to keep children home/and or us sending them home for our illness guidelines. 
If a child does have some symptoms which are not part of our usual symptoms to have a child refrain from attending (i.e., runny nose) we may ask that parents and we, possibly along with pediatrician, make an assessment as to whether the child should be seen by the pediatrician and Covid tested. 
If a child does have a temperature over 99.9, they are removed from class and wait in isolated area and need to be picked up immediately. They must remain out of school until cleared by their physician. The physician determines the necessity of a COVID test. A doctor’s note will be required for the child to return. A child must be fever free for a minimum of 24 hours. However, based on initial presenting symptoms, a pediatrician may recommend longer. We will follow the pediatricians advice. 
If a staff does have a temperature over 99.9, they must leave and not return to work until cleared by their physician that they are negative for COVID-19. A doctor’s note is required for the staff to return. 
A student or staff is not permitted into the school if they are coughing or sneezing or present any other symptoms. 
Bathroom Use 
  • Children use designated bathrooms only which limits use to a specific group of children. 
  • Bathroom disinfecting procedure after each use: A staff member (who is not teaching children) sterilizes all surfaces after each use. 
  • Bathrooms are disinfected throughout the day. 
Snacks & Meals 
  • An ice pack must be included in bag or lunch box 
  • It is preferred snacks and lunches be in disposable bags (ziplocs, plastic bags, and brown bags). However children may bring lunch boxes. 
  • Lunch heat ups are only allowed in the Jr. Academy. No heat-ups for PKA and EA children. Until winter we are eating outside as much as possible and this prevents ability for heat-ups. 
  • Children’s cots are spaced out six feet apart, using head-to-toe positioning
Parents to bring
  • All items to be labeled with first and last name
  • Clear bin to store ALL child's belongings
  • Indoor / School shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Complete change of clothes
Preschool and Kindergarten Academy & Enrichment Academy children must also have in their bin: 
  • (2) masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, child’s helmet for trikes, bikes and scooters.
Minimizing Illness Precautionary Measures
Minimizing Illness Precautionary Measure[...]
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Illness Preventative Measures

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