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Kim Hope



Kim Hope, Founder, opened Bright Beginnings Nursery School in 1992 for two year old children. As a result of its growth, Kim opened the doors to The Burlington Academy of Learning in 1997 and moved to our current location in Burlington, CT. Kim continues to push for a unique and enriching experience for all of the wonderful children within our programs.

Jodi Angers

Head of School


Jodi Angers was appointed Head of School during the 2020/2021 School Year. Jodi's story at The Academy began in 2004 as the 3 Year Old Nursery School Head Teacher. While teaching, Jodi stepped into the role of School Administrator alongside Kim Hope in 2008. Jodi found a passion for this position and expanded her experiences as a School Administrator. In May of 2020, Jodi returned to The Burlington Academy of Learning to oversee all daily operations as School Administrator. 

Taylor Winters

Junior Academy Administrator


"Miss Taylor" is the Junior Academy Administrator. Taylor oversees daily operations for the Infant Program, Toddler Program and 2 Year Old Nursery School Program. She is a certified Head Teacher for Birth through School-Age. Miss Taylor strives to create a safe, productive and fun environment for all staff and students.  

Courtney Angers

Communications Coordinator &

Preschool and Kindergarten Academy (PKA) Administrator


"Miss Courtney" is the Preschool and Kindergarten (PKA) Administrator and Communications Coordinator. She has acted as an early education assistant teacher for 6 years and teaches children to put love first. In the classroom, Courtney loves to help students practice their communication & life skills. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications Studies and Public Relations.

Scott Dunstan

Head of Grounds & Maintenance


"Mr. Scott'' is Head of Grounds and Maintenance at The Burlington Academy of Learning. He regularly performs installations and renovations throughout our beautiful campus. Mr. Scott is an experienced teacher at The Academy and utilizes those skills to educate others on construction safety and techniques.

Junior Academy (JA)

Carly DeLeon

Infant Summer Program Teacher

Catherine Dilernia

Toddler Summer Program Teacher

Colleen Malley

Toddler Summer Program Teacher

Caroline Norton

2 Year Old Nursery School Summer Teacher

Junior Academy Assistant Teachers

Infant Program

Miss Taylor K.


Toddler Program 
Miss Bri S., Miss Alexis & Miss Olivia


2 Year Old Nursery School Program
Miss Esther, Miss Bri S. & Miss Bri M.

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Preschool & Kindergarten Academy (PKA)

Maureen Delbone

Hot Stuff Camp ~ Nursery School Teacher

Zoe Orsatti

Hot Stuff Camp ~ PreKindergarten Teacher

Natalie Carbone

Adventure Camp with Jumpstart Tutoring

Junior Kindergarten / Kindergarten Teacher

Assistant Teachers

Hot Stuff Summer Camp

Miss Kylie, Miss Jess & Miss Phoebe


Adventure Camp with Jumpstart Tutoring

Miss Taylor B.


Enrichment Academy (EA)

Caitlin Angers

Adventure Camp with Jumpstart Tutoring

Grades 1st-6th Teacher

Jenn Dichiara

Adventure Camp with Jumpstart Tutoring

Grades 1st-6th Teacher

James Nestor

Adventure Camp with Jumpstart Tutoring

Grades 1st-6th

Assistant Teacher

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